Exploring the World Through Movement

Much Ado about Movement

 Movement: the final frontier. Ok, I lifted that from Star Trek but in many ways it best describes how the understanding of movement, primarily in living systems, is still in it’s infancy. 

Because movement in life is complex with no perfectly repeated event, the understanding lies not in reductive thinking but is better understood as a system. In a system, it becomes, how is the relationship between parts change in order maintain a balanced but dynamic environment?

 Why should you interested in this beyond the fact that it’s something you haven’t heard of? It doesn’t really affect you anyway. But it does make an impact on all of your life. Your movement can’t be repeated, making it a creative experience every moment you’re alive. 

This gives you a powerful vehicle for change not only in the way you move but also as an understanding of the world around you. 

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Fluid Movement.jpg

By creating your movement every moment, you are at the center of a whirlwind of change that connects you with all movement on our planet. It’s not just physical movement but also a way of thinking that is creative, incisive and fun.

 Come back and check in with these musings. They will show you the many different dots and their connections that create not only your life but the world you live in.