About Jesse Nichols


Jesse Nichols has a BMA degree, is a 5th degree black belt in the Japanese martial art of Yoshinkai Aikido, a Master in Aikibuki (weapons used in Aikibudo) and has studied various methods of Somatic Education. He was a student of bass trombonist Edward Kleinhammer of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, trained Yoshinkai Aikido under Kushida Takashi and studied the work of Moshe Feldenkrais with Mark Reese and David Bersin. Jesse is an avid student of history and philosophy, loves to hike, bike and play golf. He lives in Downers Grove, a suburb of Chicago, IL with his wife Jan.

  Mr. Nichols has taught Movement Learning Systems at the following places:

  • Ann Arbor Movement Learning Center

  • University of Michigan Hospital

  • University of Michigan Spine Institute

  • St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

  • Pfizer

  • Ford Motor Company

  • State of Michigan Workman’s Compensation

  • Kendall Golf Academy

  • Heartland Community College

  • Functional Athletic Sequence Training

  • Jeff Goble Golf

He has also worked with performers and teachers at the University of Michigan Music and Theater Department and with members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Under the auspices of the impresario company, The University Musical Society in Ann Arbor, MI, he has taught MLS to visiting national and international performers. He has also helped those suffering from severe chronic pain, sensory deprived children from Russia and central Europe and in hospice settings. He has taught at various physical therapy clinics and personal training facilities, and worked with people from all walks of life.