The series focuses on back pain but are for anyone who wants to learn effortless powerful movement.

 These classes are fun and will reintroduce our adult selves to the playfulness and thoughtfulness with which we approached games and puzzles as children.


Back to a Healthy Back

Back (spine) pain is endemic in our culture. It can range from being annoying for a few days or debilitating for a lifetime. No matter the duration, it is always painful and directly affects your daily life.  Most people will limit their movement because, well, it hurts to move. But moving is the best way of managing back pain. 

 In the BHB series you will learn movement strategies to help you manage, sometimes even eliminate back pain. These classes are simple, step by step lessons that are easily remembered making them available for you to use anywhere. 

 In these classes, you always stay in a range of comfort that will produce smooth and easy movement. Reducing effort, not movement is the key to staying out of pain.